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Craglorn trials

Date: Jul 14, 2018
Time: 03:00 PM
Posted by: D_crizpy
Category: Trials
All three craglorn trials back to back sat at 3pm we need 6 dps still for this event

On the lineup we have...

The anchient temples of...
Hel Ra Citadel A Yokudan fortress in southwestern Craglorn. It has been taken over by The Warrior and his Anka-Ra armies, having been corrupted by The Serpent.
It is said that while the two celestial guardians were cast from the sky a group of unknown heroes dared brave the dangers of the Citadel. Warnings by locals and even the most experienced adventurers were of no concern to them, and so these heroes started their journey through the pass leading to the gates of the citadel.

The mysterious...
Atherian archive. The Archive remained sealed for several thousand years. In 2E 582, the constellations fell from the sky above Craglorn and took on mortal forms, known as Celestials. The Mage was then targeted by the Serpent, who corrupted her Apex Stone and split her Celestial into many aspects. This allowed the Serpent to take control of the aspects one by one, although this process was stopped by the Thief, who guided the Soulless One in gathering the remaining aspects before they could be corrupted. After weakening the corrupted Lost One, the aspects joined themselves to her in an attempt to resist the Serpent's corruption, and the confused Celestial Mage subsequently fled to the Aetherian Archive, shattering the wards.
Once inside the tower, the Mage's uncontrolled power caused the interior to warp, transforming it into an impossible landscape of floating islands.

And finally

Sanctum Ophidia. The lair of the Serpent. A treacherous place where nirncrux-imbued trolls and deadly mantikora serve to keep out all those fighters who try to thwart the plans of the celestial Serpent. These beasts are quite happy to kill anyone who crosses their paths, unfortunately there are some (us) who can’t get enough of poking them with long sticks.
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1. Ozymandius Dragonknight

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