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Running a raid can be a great experience, leaving you with memories that can last a lifetime. The opposite can also be true, bringing you to frustration and ill will.

For over a decade, guild leaders have maintained a standard so all could enjoy the best raiding has to offer. TEAM ORBIT helped establish these principles. In fact, we had a hand in developing the games themselves.

So let's start by looking at what others have to say on the subject. We'll do the legwork for you. Below you will find links that cover raid etiquette:

World of Warcraft

Elder Scrolls Online


A lot of reading indeed, but it does carry a common theme. Successful raids take planning and discipline. Below we'll summarize it all into a handful of practices we use to achieve our success.


Arrive prepared, run like a pro, and depart leaving a good reputation in your wake. Sounds simple doesn't it? let's get to the details:

BEFORE (Arrive with...)

  • Your Armor in top shape (Repaired)
  • Health-Magicka-Stamina (Potions)
  • Food and Drink (Buffs)
  • Handful of Soul Gems
  • Working Microphone


  • Arrive on time (after signing event calendar)
  • Know the fights (walkthroughs in our forums)
  • Keep quiet (listen to the Raid Caller)
  • Do not eat, or talk to others in your home (mute)
  • Do not attack mobs that are not yet fighting
  • Do not waste healer's magicka (avoid the fire)
  • Do not run ahead of your tank
  • If killed, run back quickly
  • If someone resurrects you, thank them


  • Congratulate everyone, on their success and loot
  • Whether things go well or not, be gracious
  • Repay Soul Gems used to resurrect you


Before beginning our open recruitment, we made sure that our lead crafters had maxed out their various trades. Approach them for set armors, set weapons, potions, etc.

They will not charge guild members for crafting items. You only supply the mats, or simply purchase them from our crafters at a discounted rate.

Practice what we've written here, and you'll be running successful raids and trials like pro. Walk honorably and make us proud. Good hunting.

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