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On June 14th of this year, The Dark Brotherhood will be released on the PS4. Everyone who purchases this DLC will have access (at any level) to all of the following:

  • Join the Dark Brotherhood
  • Explore The Gold Coast
  • Explore Anvil and Kvatch (from Oblivion)
  • An exclusive passive skill line
  • Hours of exciting story content and quests
  • Repeatable Daily Bounty Quests
  • Repeatable Contract Kill Quests
  • Repeatable Sacrament Quests
  • The Litany of Blood: A kill mission
  • New Delve: Hrota Cave
  • New Delve: Garlas Agea
  • Powerful new gear
  • Unique crafting styles
  • The new Assassin personality
  • Three new crafted item sets
  • Three new item sets in the Gold Coast
  • Two new costumes
  • Two new Mementos
  • One new Polymorph
  • The new Viridian Venom Dye
  • The Assassins League crafting style
  • A New in-game musical score
  • The Kvatch Arena
  • Limenauruus the minotaur (pictured below)


In addition, everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online will automatically receive the entire base-game patch completely free. This includes:

  • The removal of Veteran Ranks
  • Poison-Making
  • Toggle-able nameplates for all characters
  • Character name display
  • Item lock to prevent accidental deconstruction
  • Grouping Tool: Group ready check
  • Grouping Tool: Vote-to-Kick system
  • Grouping Tool: Improved Queue Timer
  • Crown Store: Additional character slots
  • Crown Store: Motif previews
  • Crown Store: Hats
  • Crown Store: Crafting Material Bags
  • Improvements and adjustments to Item Traits
  • Ongoing Cyrodiil performance improvements
  • Improvments to Sanctum Ophidia
  • Improvments to Fighters Guild skill line
  • Improvments to Vampire Skill Line
  • Improvments to Stamina Abilities
  • Revamped Vendors in Cyrodiil Champion 160 gear
  • The Elite Gear Vendor has Thieves Guild sets
  • Nine Sets available from Sanctum Ophidia
  • Crafting style Abah's Watch
  • Crafting style Thieves Guild


You first unlock the Dark Brotherhood Skill Line after traveling to Anvil and completing the Dark Brotherhood quest "Voices in the Dark." It includes the following:

  • Blade of Woe: It is capable of dealing swift death with a single, silent blow. Sneak up behind your target, and the Blade of Woe will do the rest. (Not usable on player characters or difficult targets.)

  • Scales of Pitiless Justice: Should you be witnessed while acting on behalf of the Night Mother's will, this passive decreases Bounty and Heat from a witnessed Murder or Assault.

  • Padomaic Sprint: Padomaic Sprint grants Major Expedition, increasing your Movement Speed for six seconds after killing a citizen.

  • Shadowy Supplier: Seek out Remains-Silent in any Outlaw's Refuge. She will grant you beneficial items of your choice, sometimes even a set item, once per day.

  • Shadow Rider: Your area of aggression is reduced by half while mounted. Your would-be foes think twice before attacking when you ride by.

  • Spectral Assassin: You have a 15% chance to be shrouded from sight when using the Blade of Woe, shielding you from being witnessed and receiving a bounty.


Veteran Ranks will be removed from the game. Your character's strength after level 50 will now be tracked through Champion Points. Here's the breakdown:

  • Each Veteran Rank corresponds to 10 Champion Points, so VR5 Gear becomes Champion Point 50 gear, and VR8 monsters become Champion Point 80 monsters.

  • The highest will be Champion Point 160 Gear. Your veteran rank 16 gear will be automatically converted to this, as per the formula above.

  • Your gear will retain its stats.

  • Champion Points are account bound, so your alternate characters can access them, when they reach level 50.

  • You'll also be awarded 2.5 Champion Points (per Veteran Rank) on your highest level character, for a maximum bonus of 40 Champion Points.


To get started quickly, fast-travel to Anvil in the Gold Coast. Amelie Crowe will be waiting for you at the Wayshrine.

Good Hunting...

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