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(In progress will be posting a final build log on here when I have 750 CP and gold jewelry)


The whole idea behind this build is too be as efficient as possible all while maintaing not only your resources, As well as dedicating every single set to at least buff your group in some way or another.

And doing it while shrugging off attacks like a force of nature :)


I Chose to go with an argonian on this character because of the obvious max health bonus and the passive which allow you to basically pop a potion and return to full resources not to mention the poison resistance.

why do we run ebon?

The reason I always run ebon as a base set is because it not only gives max HP but which almost all the DK tank self heals and shields scale off of, the most important being green blood. The reason being it’s a percentage based self heal based on the total health pool you have. Therefore the bigger your HP bar the more you heal for.

Now for the real reason...
Each group member receives a buff to HP of 1100 just for being around you! It might not seem like much however in trials with a great healer this can mean the difference between a wipe and receiving a saving breath of life. It’s absoluely bread and butter. 🍞 🍶
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